Not Done Yet

Not Done Yet

Big win on Sunday - when you’re in the playoffs, it’s important to go in on a high note. The win wasn’t pretty but that doesn’t matter.  You enjoy all wins and take them any way you can. Now it’s time to focus on the postseason.

We’re playing in Dallas this weekend and the Cowboys are a good, balanced team. We know they want payback for the game we won back in September at our house. But so much time has passed and change has occurred since that game.  They added Amari Cooper to their offense and we’ve seen what he’s capable of doing each week. We’ll be ready though. We trust our coaches to get us ready and prepare us for anything their offense can throw at us.

It’s been a blessing to make the playoffs in my rookie season – the whole year has been one blessing after another. But we’re not done yet. I’m pumped to go out there Saturday and give everything I got for my brothers and for the 12s!! #GoHawks

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