On A Roll

On A Roll

How bout them boys??? I’m not sure anyone expected us to come out and hold the Saints to 10 points but we came out and showed what we’re capable of on defense. I’m excited for my boys. We continue to improve every week and to be able to put that on display on prime time was sweet.

Big ups to the offense for putting in that work too. They were able to get some points on the board early and that helped our confidence as a defense. We trust those guys will get it done just like they trust us to get it done.

That’s been a big part of this streak we’re on. We can’t let that get to our heads though. There’s still work to be done and that starts this week. The Eagles are coming to town and we know they’re hungry to get back at us for beating them at home. Plus we’re fighting for that division crown so we’re going to bring it.

I know Cowboys Nation is going to show out this week and bring the noise. We don’t plan to let y’all down!

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