On This Day in History ... Gronk Was Born

On This Day in History ... Gronk Was Born

May 14, 1989, will go down in history as the day that the best tight end in the NFL -- possibly ever -- came into the world.

A very large bouncing baby boy was welcomed by Gordy and Diane Gronkowski in Amherst, New York, as Robert Gronkowski was born.

Twenty-nine years later, and after dominating the NFL since 2010, Gronk is now party-rocking his way into the final year of his 20s as he celebrates his birthday in style.

Gronkowski birthday parties were always a family affair with all the five boys jumping in to fight over the cake.


Things have gotten a little wilder since then and definitely no less competitive, but one thing that hasn't changed is the five Gronkowski brothers always sticking together for birthdays. 



Three years ago, Rob threw the birthday party of all birthday parties for his 26th -- and Chris' bachelor bash -- at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Party-rocking in a suite above the Rehab pool with the entire Gronk crew and Mojo was epic to say the least ... cake-smashing, inflatable footballs, hot DJs and even hotter girls. 

And of course, everyone was decked out in neon Zubaz, with Papa Gronk managing to make pink look manly.



This year's celebration is going to be less crazy, more mature, and hopefully spark less headlines. But the good news is, Gronk has a whole year to plan his 30th birthday party. 

Lock up your pets, kids, as that's going to be a celebration for the history books.

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