PAPI: My Story

PAPI: My Story

From the moment I decided that 2016 would be my last season, I knew I wanted to make sure I was able to tell MY story.

My whole career has been filled with other’s opinions of me, stories written about me, rumors told about me. Some of the stories told of my successes with the Red Sox. Some of them told me to quit. Some of them dug for dirt. I knew that finishing my career in baseball meant it was time for me to be able to tell my fans, my friends, my family, my side. This is my story. Telling it ain’t easy. There’s a lot that people didn’t know about. When I started my career, no one in my family guessed that one day I would be a DH, let alone have my number above right field at one of the most memorable ball parks. I grew up in Haina, DR, a city that was very different from cities like Boston. I witnessed things no child should. But my parents made sure that would not be my life. My parents were a blessing. They are the biggest reason that I became who I am. They made sure I was cared for and always motivated me. My dad was the one who found me late at night at a basketball court and sat me down and asked, “what do you want to do?” But he knew baseball was for me, and I trusted him (I think he was right).  I’ll never forget my experiences, and I’ll always be just a kid from the Dominican Republic who made it.

“Papi: My Story” depicts my life from the Dominican all the way to my final season. There were a lot of things that happened between them. My story tells my fans what went on behind the scenes, from my relationship with Bobby Valentine, to my family, to how I prepared for my last steps on Fenway and how it came to be.  


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