Sunday obviously didn’t go how we hoped it would. We knew Carolina was going to be a tough team to play against. Yeah, we had some early success moving the ball. But even though we were completing a lot of passes early and moving the chains, we just weren’t able to get very many chunks.

We were having a tough time going out and moving the ball the way we wanted to. The changes on the O-line didn’t help-- but that’s football in the NFL. Every team would love it if everybody stayed completely healthy all year and you never had to deal with personnel changes. But that’s not the name of this game, and we all know that.

We’re obviously not in the most ideal situation with a 4-4 record. But we still have eight games left. I feel like we have the opportunity to play really good football. We just have to make sure to keep the focus on that. We can't let the setbacks and struggles affect us mentally. We can't let it affect the team and how we are gelling together.

Going forward, we’re going to do like we do after every game, win or lose. We’ll watch the film, learn what we can learn from it, and move on to our next opponent—which is the Pittsburgh Steelers this week.

It’s a home game against a tough opponent. Well definitely have to put in a good week of work and will need the support of the fans on Sunday!

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