Protecting The Football

Protecting The Football

If there’s one thing about me as a football player and one thing about us as a team, it’s that we will respond when a challenge is given to us. On Sunday, the challenge for us was to right the ship and to get back into the habits that made us a winning football team at the beginning of the season. Everyone accepted that challenge against the 49ers.

I think one of the biggest steps forward that we made was to protect the football. You can’t score - and you can’t win - if you don’t have the football. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on that in the past few weeks, so it was a great feeling to see that practice really paying off this week. It was great to see us play a clean game on every side of the ball and come out with the win.

We take on the Panthers this week and those divisional games always add some extra juice to it. We need everybody on this team to be all in against Carolina. They’re a dangerous team with the players they have on both sides. That defense is lethal and we have to really get after them if we want to win on Sunday.

We know that we have a talented team here and it’s a good feeling to win. We just want to keep that same energy and drive going when we take on Carolina this week.

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