Pursuing My MBA

Pursuing My MBA

Away from the field, I recently went back to school to pursue my MBA. Some people may think that is an odd decision since I am still playing in the NFL, but once you have been in the league as long as I have you see the small window of opportunity you have. I am planning for life after football and getting my MBA seemed like a great opportunity.


As soon as I made the decision to go back to school, I knew exactly where I was going: Syracuse. Growing up in that area, I always supported the Orange so it was an easy choice.  Our schedule during the season is so busy that the off season is the only time I can take classes but it works out great.


As I was gearing up to go back to school, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had a suspicion that there was going to be a lot of work and I was right but it really has not been that bad, just more time consuming than anything else. As long as I stay focused I know that I will be able to get it done. I probably have a couple off seasons before I earn my degree but every semester I enjoy it more and more.


This is definitely something that I would encourage my teammates and anyone else in the the league to pursue.  The NFL has a tuition reimbursement program that covers some of the cost. That is a great resource that the league offers so it would be foolish to waste it. It is important for every guy to think of life after football and look at the big picture. Eventually the game is going to be taken from you and then what? You need to have a plan. 

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