Ready For A Battle

Ready For A Battle

Football is a brutal game. The constant beating and big hits take a toll on the human body and we saw that firsthand last week with Deion and Keanu going down with injuries. I hate to lose two great guys like that and I wish them the best as they both start their long road to recovery.


The physicality of this game will not stop this week when we take on the Panthers. Cam Newton sets the tone for that whole team with his physical running style from the QB spot. They run the ball a lot and  chew up the clock on offense so we know that we have to make all of our drives count so we can put points on the board any chance we get.


The Panthers also have one of the most talented defenses in the league. They have a deep rotation of defensive lineman who excel at both stopping the run and getting after the QB. Addison and Peppers are great rushers who can press the edge with their speed. Short is one of the best defensive tackles in the league. There are definitely times you watch him on film and he seems completely unblockable.


Their linebackers are the strength of that team and one of the strongest groups in the league. Luke is probably the best middle linebacker in the league. He is incredibly fast but it’s his intellect and film study that sets him apart. It seems like he knows our plays before we do sometimes. Their DBs fit their system well. They might not be big names to the average fan but they play their roles very well. We cannot underestimate these DBs this week.


We think we have a good game plan for Carolina this week. We cannot wait to get back on our home field this week and see all you Falcon fans. See you on Sunday!


- MS12

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