Ready For Anything

Ready For Anything

We love that things seems to be pointing in the right direction for us. Momentum is important for building your confidence as a team and we really want to keep that going. Practice has gone really well this week and we’re hoping that will carry over into the matchup this week against the Saints.


We’ve spent a lot of time this week with fim study of the Saints defense. They give you all sorts of looks in both the front seven and in the secondary. They can give you a lot of different looks before the snap and they can do a lot of things out of those looks. We just have to prepare for everything so that we’re ready for anything we might see Sunday.


I’m looking forward to taking on their DBs this week. Marshon is one of the best, young corners in our league right now. He’s fast and aggressive and has no problem playing off coverage or press. Williams is a good safety with solid ball skills. They have a good, versatile group on the back end and we are excited to go against those guys.


We feel like we have a good handle on what these guys will do on Sunday, but we know there will be some wrinkles that we won’t see coming. We just have to keep preparing and know that we will be ready for the Saints when Sunday comes around.




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