Ready For Impact

Ready For Impact

The mincamps and OTAs are over and now the fun starts. Now it’s time to show the fans and everyone around the league why the Chicago Bears drafted me with the 51st pick. This may be my first training camp but I am confident in my ability and making plays is what I do best.


We have a very well balanced team of young guys and vets. For example, I love the challenge of going up against our DBs. When you have veterans like Prince and Marcus on your team, obviously they help on the defensive side of the ball but indirectly the offense too. I couldn’t ask for better situation to be in and I plan on taking every advantage of it.  It is really a total team effort.


Our wide receiver group is very competitive. We challenge each other on every rep and that is how you grow. We have talented veterans on our side of the ball too. Allen and Taylor are two guys that have played a lot of football in this league so learning from them in the film room and on the practice field gives you an edge.  All these guys are extremely talented and we are going to give opposing defenses all kinds of problems with our ability to stretch the field with multiple looks. Pick your poison.


At the end of the day, I’ve got to focus on what got me in the league in the first place: my hands. I want Mitch to know that if he throws the ball my way that I am going to catch it - whatever the cost. Whether I have to go up and snag a pass or make a catch in traffic, there’s no excuse for drops in the league. Especially with the talent on this team, you have to do the whatever it takes to set yourself apart.  That means winning on 50/50 balls. That means catching the ball away from my body.


This team may be young with a lot to prove but I think we will catch some people by surprise. That’s what makes this league so great. Any team can go from worst to first in the blink of an eye. Don’t sleep on us, we’re hungry, we’re ready and we’re coming!

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