Real Talk with Bean Talk: Throwing Passes

Real Talk with Bean Talk: Throwing Passes

If you tuned into our game last month you probably saw the touchdown pass I made to Julio Jones against Tampa Bay. A lot of press have asked me how I felt about the 51-yard touchdown pass, and like I told Peter King of Sports Illustrated

“I just wanted to make a play for my team. I knew I could do it. It’s really not new to me. When I threw it, I knew he was going to come down with it. That’s Julio. . . . I mean, we play catch here every day. I do this every day.” 

It's true, I've completed all six of my attempted passes throughout my six years in the NFL, and I'm very happy to have done it. I've been asked how I felt about my rating, and like I said during my interview for the "Verified" segment of The Players' Tribune:

"I have to say, it's pretty cool. I played a quarterback in high school, so it's kind of easy throwing a ball for me. I don't have thousands of passes like a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL, so if I threw the ball a lot more it wouldn't be perfect. But, you know, for me it's pretty cool". 

Like I said, throwing comes natural to me. And the guys and I play catch every day, we practice this all the time. I grew up in Jersey, and I played quarterback throughout high school. It wasn't until I was recruited by Greg Schiano at Rutgers that I started as a receiver. When I went on to the NFL, the teams I played for knew my history and they used that advantage to run specific plays. My first pass came back in 2012 with the Bengals, and as a rookie I threw a 73-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green against the Redksins. That was really cool! I also had another 18-yard touchdown pass to Dalton against Tennessee my third season.

It's incredible to have a perfect quarterback rating in the NFL, it feels really good. And to be mentioned by the Elias Sports Bureau as the only non-quarterback to have two or more touchdown passes of 50 yards over the past 35 years. I'm blessed to have these opportunities, and to be able to be there for my team. 

Thanks for listening Beansters, until next time!

In conjunction with: The Players' Tribune, The Washington Post

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