Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface

We’ve had a great week of practice so far which is good coming off that tough loss. All our focus is now on the Bengals and what we need to do to get back in the win column.

We’ve been watching a lot of tape on them this week to get a good feel for what they’re going to try to do against us. We know one of the strengths of their team is that they can get after the QB. Geno is the anchor of that pass rush and he’s been doing it for a while. He’s definitely a problem in the middle of that defense but I got faith our guys can hold it down and keep Matty off the ground.

Their DBs are talented guys who fit their system really well. They play a lot of two-high zone with their safeties each covering half the field. They’ve lost a few key guys in their safety group but I expect the other guys to step up. That whole defense is well put together with solid pieces that complement each other.

We’re ready for whatever the Bengals are going to throw at us because we’re starting to click in the passing game. Julio just keeps being the beast he has always been and Calvin is starting to scratch the surface of what he can be. We’ve got a whole season ahead of us but our focus now is on Cincinnati and getting a win.   


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