Season Preview

Season Preview

Everyone in and around this team knows what the expectations are every season. When you are a member of the Dallas Cowboys and you play with that star on your helmet, the goal is always Super Bowl. We thrive in that type of environment and we want to be the team that brings this organization a 6th ring.

Our offense is led by two studs in Dak and Zeke. Those guys have played a lot of ball and they know what it takes to win. Lining up against them in practice, we see the talent first hand. Of course having a stacked offensive line helps all of our offensive weapons. From the holes they open for the running game to the protection they give Dak, our o line is all pro at every position.  

On the practice field we like to think of it as iron sharpening iron. I honestly believe we could be one of the best units in the NFL this season. Our young secondary is getting better every day and we have a proven veteran, Sean Lee, leading a talented group at linebacker. Each unit has to do their job and when all 11 of us are on the same page, watch out.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you did last year, good or bad. You have to show up and prove yourself every snap, every play. Each position on this team relies on each other and knowing that my boys are working their tails off to get better pushes everyone to do the same. We have the experience, talent and resources needed to bring that Lombardi trophy back where it belongs. Dallas, Texas.

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