Show Your Game

Show Your Game

When I was growing up as a kid I dreamed of playing in the NFL, it was the thing I wanted most. In order to accomplish that dream, there are a lot of hurdles in your way and plenty of obstacles to avoid. My time as a Gamecock kept my head straight and got me ready to play in the NFL. The coaches shaped me and prepared me to play at the next level, and the combine was my chance.

I took a look at what people were saying about me, what they think I should improve on and the way I play the game. I only used it as motivation, I never let it distract me though. I also made sure that when I would get to the league that people wouldn’t have any weaknesses to point out about me. Of course, people are going to continue to point out my flaws but it’s different when you’re actually between the lines. There are some things that can’t be graded in this game.

When I got to the combine, it was a dream come true. I was one step closer to my dream of being in the league. I was ready to work, I felt I was able to show I was a versatile player and that I can play anywhere and with anyone. I let the teams know in my interviews that they’re going to get it all from me if they draft me. Like I said they are some parts of the game you can’t teach and give a score to and I believe that’s what helped me in my game.

My advice to those in the combine is to just be yourself. Don’t trip over what the analysts say or what people might think are your flaws. If you know your game then show them your game, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

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