Springboard Game

Springboard Game

All week we’ve been ignoring the people on the outside who were saying we weren’t a good team and that we weren’t going to beat New England.  We knew better. We knew we could win against the Pats. That’s how we practice every game and that’s how we compete on gameday - it’s always to win.


Our offense was able to get into a good rhythm, especially on the ground. We were able to pound the rock and move the chains. When you get on that sort of roll, it gets your O-line excited. Once you taste that success, everyone gets hungrier and you go that much harder.


I was definitely proud to see Kerryon break the 100-yard mark. We all want the best for each other as a group. I want to see him shine because at the end of the day, when one guy does his job well that’s helping us all be better and get a win.


Not only am I glad that we were able to beat the Patriots, but I am also glad that we were able to get our first win on a primetime stage against a talented team. A win like that can get us going and rolling into the season. Now we know all the things that we thought we could do. It’s up to us to keep building on what we laid last week.

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