Stay Ready

Stay Ready

I know that everyone was a little surprised when I decided to enter the draft and forgo my senior year at Auburn but it was the right move for me at the time. I never look back at that or think twice about it. When I was getting ready for the combine, it took a lot out of me. The training I was putting myself through and how I prepared myself mentally was exhausting. I knew this was my opportunity to get my name called come draft day and I was ready for it.

When I got to the combine, I tried my best to stay calm but I was just excited to get going. I was hungry to get after it. I knew I had a little more to prove because I came out early. My time training at IMG really helped to prepare me for the combine, they even really trained me on the interview questions as well. They prepared me for what was expected of me as well as what the criticism will be.

During the combine, I just wanted to enjoy myself. I didn’t want to worry about who was saying what or honestly what the other guys were putting up. The only goal I had in my mind was to put my name out there and give myself the best shot to get drafted and be given the chance.

Pro Day was another opportunity for me to continue to show that. I just wanted to show the teams who I was and what they can expect out of me. It was a lot of fun taking part in all of those activities.

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