Take Advantage

Take Advantage

I was very honored to be invited to the combine, I’ve seen what it could do for potential draftees and the advantages it can have. When I was preparing that’s all I could think of, what I could do to take advantage. It was cool that I was able to go with one of my Bulldog teammates and meet a few of the guys who I lined up against several times. To be able to discuss notes and tips with other defensive backs is a great experience because you get different perspectives and find new ways to make your game better.

When I was out on the field though it was all on me. I wasn’t worried about what the other DBs were doing or the scores they were putting up. I knew this was my moment. When it came to the 40, I had no idea I would put up the fastest time, but to be able to have that under my belt is pretty cool. My parents were both track athletes so speed runs in my family, I’m sure they were proud when I put up that time on the 40.

My advice to all of the guys entering the combine is to take advantage of that opportunity you are given. You have a chance to show yourself in front of all 30 teams and even get more interaction with interviews and press conferences. Of course, an invitation to the combine doesn't guarantee you to be drafted, but it’s on you to make sure it does.

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