Taking The Ball Away

Taking The Ball Away

It’s always a great feeling to do work on the field and even more so when you do what we did on Sunday. There’s no such thing as a perfect game but at times it felt like we could do no wrong against Buffalo.

We were happy to start out strong and control the game early on. Our goal was to shut the run game down and make them one-dimensional. It was great to see that gameplan come to life on Sunday and I think our coaches did a great job of helping us lock in to what they were going to do.

Getting big plays on defense also helped to energize us during the game. To be able to force four turnovers and score twice was big for our confidence and made life easier for our offense. Great defenses take the ball away and get it back to the offense - and that’s the way we are playing right now.

It’s not just one or two guys that make a great defense. You have to have 11 guys who see the play the same way at the same time. We’re playing together and that’s what matters for us moving forward. We’re playing for each other and we are going to use that as our main motivation as the season moves on.

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