Tay Train Comes to Minnesota

Tay Train Comes to Minnesota

I spent the off season in Florida training at UCF. When I came to Minnesota on my free agency visit in March, the 18 degree temperature was a bit of a shock. I grew up near Syracuse, New York, so I understand cold weather and I realized immediately the similarities of the two areas. Both are filled with some of the nicest people you will ever meet and share a deep passion for football. I knew becoming a running back for the Minnesota Vikings was the right move.

After signing my contract and finding a place to live, I kept my focus on getting healthy and learning a new play book. The transition from Oakland to Minnesota has been different, mainly because my injury kept me from taking part in the normal team activities like minicamps and workouts. Starting training camp being unable to practice wasn’t what I wanted, but I believe in the rehab process and trust my body.

It was exciting to see the fans greet us on move-in day in Mankato. It was something I had never experienced before. I also had never stayed at a college before, so the experience reminded me a lot of my time at UCF. As camp progressed, I could tell I was getting close to being back on the field with my teammates.

Having missed the first two preseason games, it felt great to finally suit up and get that first hit. I am a physical runner who focuses on keeping my pads low and getting the first down at all costs. Like anything in life, there are always areas to improve - like stepping out of bounds on a pass play that could have resulted in a big gain. But that’s what preseason is for, to improve on your mistakes.

Now it's my job to show the coaches, the organization and all the passionate Vikings fans what kind of player I really am. I’m up for the challenge. Whether it’s short yardage or a workhorse back, I’m here to help the team bring a Lombardi Trophy to Skol Nation!


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