The 2018 Season

The 2018 Season

In recent weeks, I’ve been asked a lot about my former team. People want to know what I think about them or want to know my thoughts when I look back on my time in Seattle. But I don’t really look back much at all.

I’m sure when my career is done I’ll look back at the legacy and things I was able to do there, and I’ll see it for what it was. Right now, I’m focused on what we can do this season in San Francisco. My mind is on getting ready to head out to Houston for some practices with them and a game with them; that’s all I’m concerned with.

I’m feeling pretty good. In terms of the injury, it’s 100 percent healed. My body is healed, it’s just when you haven’t played football in eight months, it’s going to take time to get back.

Am I ready? To be honest, even before the hamstring injury, I wouldn’t say I was 100. I’d say maybe 80, 85 percent, just because I’ve been going through practice, dealing with muscle fatigue. But that will all come back. It just takes time.

Right now, my focus is on getting past this hamstring issue and getting my body ready for the start of the regular season. I don’t know how much I’ll play in the preseason, if at all. I think the coaches would rather have me ready for Minnesota on September 9.

It’s more important for the young guys to get the preseason reps than me.

Like every other player, I get asked a lot about my expectations for this season. On a personal note, I expect to play at a high level. I always expect that of myself. I wouldn’t step out onto the field if I didn’t expect to play at a high level. I have no excuses for anything, and I expect to go out and play like I’ve always played.

As for the team, I know there are people in the media that hate us and some that love us. I think the people that matter most—the fans – are going to like what they see from us this season.


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