The Best is Coming

The Best is Coming

We definitely feel the boost of getting the win against New England. There’s always added pressure when you’re winless, even if it’s just a few games into the season. Now that we have that monkey off our back, it’s going to allow us to play more free and relaxed this week.


The Pats game also proved that we can be successful running the ball. Our line did great last week and they seemed to get stronger as the game went on. Those guys also opened up big holes for Kerryon and I which helped us to put the game away. If we can keep running the ball like that, it’s only going to open up the offense even more as we go on.


We got a tough one coming up with the Cowboys and that defense. They’re a long and athletic group that can run and chase well. They may be without Sean Lee this week, but we know that defense will still be ready for us. Their other backers - like Smith and Vander Esch - are young, talented guys who will pick up right where Lee left off.


Our rough first games are in the past now. We definitely learned some things from those games but we’re looking ahead now and competing the rest of the way. The best is coming and we are about to show everyone who we really are.


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