The Hot Boys Are Here

The Hot Boys Are Here

This year we are working to put on a show and bring back the old Dallas Cowboys ways, just like Mr. Jones likes. Just like those teams of the past, this defense is stacked with young hungry dogs with a ton of talent. We are working on developing together as a unit because individual talent doesn’t take you very far in this league. We need to be a complete team.


Our D line is going be getting after the quarterback this year because that is the main part of our job, rush and attack. Pressuring the quarterback is key to shutting down the offense. Playing with a reckless abandon, like we are on fire. We are going stay on fire all year long and that’s why we’re calling ourselves hot boys.


God blessed me with great talent but that doesn’t mean anything if I don’t work. We can always get better. I think my biggest improvement this year is studying. I spent a lot of time with Coach Marinelli and he told me that once you start to teach something you start to understand it better. That is why I am in there with the guys trying to teach them about hand placement or foot placement, trying to evolve as a leader.


Each member of the defense has a specific job to execute on every play.  Last year I was getting a lot of double teams but I understand, I take it as a sign of respect. Taking on 2 guys opens opportunities for my teammates to make plays and working as a unit is the goal. That is how you win in this league. We are going to handle our business on the field and let God take care of everything else. It’s going to be a fun year in big D!

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