The Joys of Fatherhood

The Joys of Fatherhood

People like to talk about that love you instantly feel for your child when they are born. When people say it, you initially you just want to say, “Yeah, I agree.” But when you actually have that bond; when you see the way he looks at you, and you see him grow. When you see the excitement he has when he sees you, and he’s around you—it’s second to none.


Being a dad means a whole lot to me. He’s my dog. He’s funny. He’s full of energy. He’s always going. Always. He’s more athletic than me, I think.


Before you become a parent, you wonder if parenthood is going to change you. I can definitely say it has.  You get a different perspective on life. You feel totally different. It's awesome. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Nothing compares to that feeling. It has made me understand love. The love I have for that little dude is second to none. He drives me to be great every day. He makes me want to set a great example.


Fatherhood changes you. I’ve changed a lot; I’ve matured and grown as a person.

People have asked me why I added the Sr. to my name on my jersey. He’s my junior, so I definitely got to show him some respect as well.


But fatherhood is scary too.


As a parent, you want to give your child everything. I try to give him everything I didn’t have as far as a father figure; someone to show him how to be a better man, person. I try to teach him how to learn from the mistakes I’ve made in life. I try to help him not make those same mistakes.


You always want the best for him, to be safe, and to have the best of everything.


But at the same time, you want him to go through some things. You want him to actually have to work for something. Growing up I didn’t have much, but he has everything he could possibly ask for. I want to teach him that he’s going to have to work for certain things—but when he’s old enough. When he gets older, I want him to know what hard work is and how to earn something.


For now, I’m going to let him enjoy being a kid.

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