The Mental Side

The Mental Side

When it comes to the combine, my story is a little different. I was recovering from my hip surgery and a sports hernia and decided to not participate in the combine. To just be invited was a huge honor, there are a lot of great football players going into the draft so to be able to attend with all of those guys was special.

Although I did not participate on the physical side of the combine, the mental part was still a grueling task, not to mention the medical exams as well. Those coaches and scouts were not holding back during the interviews, asking everything from play formations, my injuries, and my future in the NFL. I just wanted to make sure when I left each interview that I felt confident in my answers and that I showed everyone who I was. I just wanted an opportunity to be in the NFL so I told each team if they draft me they will get everything from me and more.

I definitely wish I could participate in the combine but we felt it was better to recover my from my injuries that way I can be at 100% for the team that drafted me. I was hoping that not participating in the combine would not hurt my stock but I felt the interviews and meeting the teams was a bit more important, which is why I still attended.

If I were to give any advice to those participating this year it would just be to enjoy the moment. You have to soak up every ounce of it because not everyone gets to participate in this event. Enjoy every moment.

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