The New Helmet Rule

The New Helmet Rule

What can I say about the new rule on guys lowering their helmets-- it’s ridiculous. The league will eventually see how ridiculous it is, once they make the refs call it. It’s going to be worse than holding, worse than the catch rule.

It’s going to be difficult for guys to tackle even the correct way. I can tackle someone by the book and still lead with my head. This rule-- it’s going to be a disaster.

It might help if we got some clarity on what the refs are going to call but we haven’t gotten it yet. As players, we just have to hope that it is not going to get called as frequently as it could be. If the refs want to, they can call it on every offensive and defensive lineman at some point, and the game is going to move at a snail’s pace.

What’s going to be really bad is if the refs don’t call it a lot and then they call it in a monumental game where a running back is just trying to fight for his third and one. It happens all the time-- a running back dips his head into a linebacker for one yard. When they start calling that, it’ll ruin the game.

I believe the league means well, but it seems like they are neglecting the impact that it is going to have on the game.

Does it really make the game much safer? Guys are running full speed and colliding; at the end of the day, there is not much you can do to make that safer. People get teeth knocked out in hockey, but no one is saying, “Man, we need them to back off and stop punching guys in the face.”

They’re not saying that because they are watching hockey understanding that this is what happens in hockey.

When you play football, and when you watch a football game, you understand as a player and as a fan that there are certain risks involved. I think the league is trying to supersede those risks. They are trying to overcompensate for public opinion.

But there’s a difference between trying to make the game safer and just throwing darts at a wall. This seems like throwing darts at a wall.

I think this helmet rule is just another example of the league continuing to be overbearing in the game. It’s just going to make it more difficult to officiate, and I feel sorry for the officials.

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