The Real Season Is Here

The Real Season Is Here

It’s my favorite time of the year, it’s the postseason! I’ve been in this league for 11 years and have played in the postseason a handful of times in my career. We have a lot of experience on this team of guys playing in the playoffs, especially with our younger guys getting a taste last year. I’m excited to be back in the playoffs and we are going to be working for the next couple of weeks to get ready.

We don’t know our opponent yet but we’re preparing for them all now and then after the Wild Card round, we’ll zero in on whoever is coming to the Coliseum. We know how important having home-field advantage is and having the divisional game in LA is going to be great for us. That’s all we're focused on right now, is next weekend. We know not to overlook anything and look at the big picture.

Obviously, the Super Bowl is our ultimate goal but we can’t think about that yet. We need to think about getting ready for whoever we end up playing next Saturday. I think that playoff experience for this team last year will fuel them, they saw that it’s a whole different game in the postseason. Every team is tough and every team has one goal and our goal is to win the first game, then we take it from there. I know the Coliseum is going to be jumping!

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