The Return

The Return

Man did it feel good to get back out there with my brothers! It felt great to put that Rams uniform back on and strap up! It’s been a long time since I was out there and I knew the coaches were going to do what’s best for me and my health.

We knew what we needed to do out there against Detroit and we executed. We knew they were going to come out full force to knock us down but we are a team who preaches fighting all four quarters. I knew the offense was gonna do their thing like they always do, we are too lethal on offense to be shut down for so long and when we needed those big plays, we did exactly that.

Detroit has some weapons but we knew the passing game is what we needed to shut down in order to be successful on defense. The first half they let me get out there and test it all out and I felt good but I knew they would limit my snaps a bit in the second half so I’m ready to go in that playoff push. It just felt good to be playing football again.

Big win for us as we are the NFC West Champs! That’s just the first goal of many for this team but it’s huge for us to lock down that goal so early. But that won’t stop us from fighting, we know how important it is to get home-field advantage for the playoffs and make sure we defend our turf!

We got a huge game coming up this week on primetime and it’s even bigger for the playoff picture. The Bears are a young team coming for their division and also coming for us at the top spot. We know the coaches are going to prepare us and I’m just excited to get back to 100% and contribute to this team.

Like I said it feels good to be the NFC West champs but this is just a step in the long journey we hope to be having, but we enjoy it no doubt!

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