The Ultimate Playoff Experience Winner- Katie Kaiser

The Ultimate Playoff Experience Winner- Katie Kaiser

Our trip started bright and early on Sunday, January 13, 2019.  I set my alarm for 1:30 am and by 3 o’clock my brother and I were out the door on the way to the airport.  When we got to the gate for our first flight of the day, I was finally able to wrap my head around what was actually happened because so far winning this trip had all felt like a dream so far.  We flew into Chicago to catch our next flight into Boston, that flight was a bit longer than our first flight and we landed at 10:30 am. With only 2.5 hours before kickoff, we had to figure out a game plan to get up to the game as soon as possible.  We ended up taking an Uber from the airport to our hotel which took a bit longer than I anticipated but it worked out because I knew once we got to the hotel, we wouldn’t have much time to relax, and boy was I right. It was not that we didn’t have the time once we got to the hotel but I didn’t want to waste any time knowing that the game started in an hour.  

Once we got dropped off at the game, we had about a half hour before kickoff.  By the time we got up to the stadium, we were at a standstill to get into the stadium.  It is as if there were 65,000 other people were as eager to get into the game as much as we were.  We got passed security and into the game with plenty of time but we moved as fast as we could to get to our seats, only stopping once to get a beer, so as not to miss kickoff.  

The game was a blast.   It was cold and the game didn’t end the way I wanted it to but the experience was worth it.  You could sense the playoff game atmosphere. The cheering for the Patriots was crazy loud but we did our best with some fellow Chargers fans to cheer on our team.  It may not have been loud but it got the attention of the fans around us. Even the New England fans were not anything like I expected. They were very welcoming to us a Chargers fans and they were very humble in their victory.

Even though the game was a blast with the outcome we were not in any mood to party much more.  We grabbed a bite to eat at a bar near our hotel to watch the second playoff game of the day. By the time 8 pm came, around I was so tired.  It was a very long and exciting day but I needed to sleep because we had another long day of traveling ahead of us.

The Chargers may have lost the game but this trip was a dream come true.  It was truly day that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Being able to see Casey and The Chargers play in a playoff game was something I never thought I would get to experience and I am glad that I was lucky enough to win this contest.  

- Katie Kaiser

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