There’s No Place Like Home…or the Super Bowl

There’s No Place Like Home…or the Super Bowl

I am excited about my new home in Detroit. It’s going to be fun. But my second home and one of my favorite places to visit will always be the home of my college team, the Oregon Ducks. I was able to go back for the spring game this year. It was very cool to be back there. The atmosphere in that stadium just for a Spring Game is incredible.

It’s always great to go back and be welcomed with open arms. Former players can go and literally have access to whatever we want to have access to, training, working out, rehab—whatever. I think it is important to have the alumni feel comfortable and still feel like we are a part of the team still.

Oregon is definitely a second home for me. It’s where I’m comfortable at.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make the Super Bowl into another home in recent years. Just winning back to back Super Bowls is an amazing feeling. It doesn’t matter who it’s against. Just winning back-to-back, you rarely hear about that happening- especially with two different teams.

Last season was my third Super Bowl in four years, and people want to know if this year will be my fourth in five. Right now, I’m working on being the best teammate I can be for my new team. I’ve been working on my familiarity with the offense. I’m familiar with the guys on the team of course because you have a couple of guys there that are pro bowlers, but as far as the offense—I’m still learning.

The coaches have made it pretty clear; we’re here to grind, compete, work hard and get better every day. That’s what we’re all about right now.

But will this year be my fourth Super Bowl in five years? For now, we’ll just start with offseason workouts.


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