Time to Show Mental Toughness

Time to Show Mental Toughness

A loss like the one we took on Monday can sting, but the thing is we can’t let it go into next week. There’s no time to feel sorry for yourself or to think about what might’ve been. We’ve spent all week trying to correct our mistakes and to get our mental game back on the right track. Now we just push forward with our attention set on a tough 49ers team.

The 49ers are trying to bounce back just like we are. They’re going to try to come out and prove that last week was just a fluke. Jimmy G threw a few picks last week but we know that won’t always happen. He takes care of the ball and puts his guys in position to make plays. We’ll have to earn everything we get on Sunday.

Their defense is going to make us earn everything we get too. Their D-line is made up of a bunch of guys that are absolute monsters. They’re hard to move in the run game and we’re going to have to pound the ball to get the running game going. Their DBs are always looking to get turnovers so we have to keep the ball high and tight and try to not give the ball away.

This game is going to come down to who makes the least mistakes. Both defenses are strong and will capitalize on any mistake that is made. If we can keep that from happening I think we will be able to get a win against San Francisco this week.


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