Tough Decisions

Tough Decisions

When I made the decision to forgo my senior year at Georgia and declare for the draft it was not an easy decision. Losing the national championship and the brotherhood I had with those guys made me think about coming back to try to win that ring. Also, it means a lot to me to get my degree so that played a huge factor but after weighing my options I believed it was in my best interest to enter the draft.

When I received the invitation to the combine I knew I still had a lot to prove, linebacker is an interesting position. Linebackers, whether it’s inside or outside, are all captains out there and have to help make the defensive calls. I feel I had a lot to prove off the field than on, I’m very instinctual and a natural playmaker. I also felt that my leadership skills were underrated, so I had to demonstrate to teams that I could make an immediate impact on and off the field.

I think a lot of people were surprised that I came to the combine weighing what I weighed, on another note, I didn’t stop training after the championship game and really wanted to take my game to the next level. Overall, the combine was a great experience, I feel I was able to showcase my skills on the field while being limited to only the 40 but also present myself to all the teams with my IQ off the field.

Sending love and support to all of our Dawgs at the combine - whatever the outcome there just stay true to who and what got you there! #GoDawgs

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