Training Camp Update

Training Camp Update

Camp is going well but it’s still early so it can be tough to gauge our progress but we will continue to work hard. Fixing the mistakes, paying attention to details and improving each practice is our focus. This time of year is the toughest part of the season in general. You have to do a lot and it takes a lot out of you. We are out here beating each other up all day and eventually you get to the point of where you want to see other guys. It’s the competitor in you that comes out.


Our leader of course is Matt Stafford. He’s a great quarterback who has done wonderful things over his career and the team has confidence in him to make sure our offense is running smoothly.  Although I’ve never played the position, I’ve been around some great ones and I can already tell Matt is right up there with the best. He is proven in this league and a great athlete so whenever your quarterback checks those boxes, your in good position to win.


For me personally, I feel great. I feel the strongest I have ever been and that is because I take care of my body. I don’t have a special program but I do make sure I stay active and maintain my weight. Eat, run and lift. Coach Patricia helps us keep focused mentally. Nothing we do in practice is a surprise or without a purpose. That is one of the great things about Coach P. He’s a great leader.


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