Underdogs Again

Underdogs Again

Hope that everyone knows by now to not count out Philly!

It was a tough game and credit to the Bears for a great effort. It was literally a battle to the final second. That crowd was definitely loud the whole time but it made for a great atmosphere for some playoff football.

I didn’t get to go through all this last season so I’m glad we made it back and I’m able to help us get back to the Super Bowl. We got another tough matchup this week as we head to New Orleans. They are the No. 1 seed for a reason. That offense is crazy, their defense is fast and that stadium is going to be loud. None of that is going to keep us from believing that we can win though.

We know that if we keep doing what we’ve been doing the past few weeks, then we can beat any team, at any stadium, at any time. I’m definitely looking forward to being out there and doing whatever I can to get this W.

Our confidence is high right now and we know that we’ll be the underdogs. But hey, that’s worked out before.

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