Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

The Raiders game last week was an awesome game to be a part of. It’s never easy to go on the road and the Black Hole is probably one of the toughest places to play in the NFL because the fans are so intense. The game didn’t always go our way, but guys hung together and kept fighting.

One of the biggest reasons we won was our offensive line. Linemen rarely ever get the credit they deserve but those guys carried this team in Oakland. They paved the way to 200 yards rushing and Andrew wasn’t sacked all game long. That isn’t just luck that something like that happens, it’s because of those big guys up front who are willing to do all the work but get none of the credit.

I am proud of how our defense was able to close the game out. Oakland did a great job against us for most of the game but we found a way to get stops when we absolutely needed them. Darius was huge for us again and he came up clutch in forcing a fumble that put the game on ice for us.

Now after that hard fought game, we get a chance to rest for the week. That’s going to be huge for us in getting us fueled up to go on a stretch run to the playoffs in the second half of the season. Can’t wait to see you guys next week. Until then - go Colts!   

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