Playing Our Game

Playing Our Game

I’m sure a lot of people were surprised at how well Nick Mullens played Thursday night; most people probably hadn’t ever heard of him until word leaked that he was going to start. But I wasn’t surprised at all by what he did out there.

He didn’t change under the big lights of a prime-time, nationally televised game.  The Nick I’ve seen at practice is the same Nick I saw out there on Thursday night.

He’ll try to shred us in a walk-through 7-on-7-- he’s that competitive of a guy. He really cares. He’s really about the details. So, we weren’t shocked to see him go out there and ball.

He plays with a lot of confidence even when he’s running the other team’s plays.  It’s not like he’s just ‘oh, I’ll throw it up and let the defense intercept it and be confident. No, he’s like ‘I’m going to find a hole, and I’m going to drill it. I am going to make you guys feel like these plays are unstoppable.’

Nick wasn’t the only one that played well, of course. It felt great to have things clicking so well on defense. Lots of guys in the secondary stepped up and had great games. A lot of guys that often get limited reps came in and made an impact. The D-line— man, those guys were just hunting out there!

We played our game; we played disciplined football. We knew the plays. We knew the indicators. Our pass rush was hot, and we were playing sound. They have great receivers that can get downfield, but we were on top, and we were in position most of the time.

I didn’t get a chance to be a part of the pass rush this week; I’m kind of upset about that (lol). But I am happy with how we performed.

It was great to get a win, of course. You hear a lot of talk when things go as they have been, but I think at the end of the day, Kyle is doing a phenomenal job just keeping the ship steady. That’s why there is no drama or controversy. Nobody is throwing anyone under the bus.

Guys are just playing for each other, caring about one another, and playing for their coach.

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