Week Two Outlook

Week Two Outlook

Monday night was a great showing for our defense and our offense. The 2018 Rams-- we came out and we showed out.

Yeah, the Raiders got some yards on us in the first half. It happens, especially in the first game. We really didn’t know what to expect, speaking for the defense. We didn’t know how they would attack us. So, we had to see how they would attack us and adjust.

Coach Wade did a great job with the second half adjustments. They repeated a lot of plays in the second half and we were ready for them. We were able to hold them to nothing in the second half, and our offense got going. It’s a big win and great start to the season for us.

Now we have the Cardinals on deck for this Sunday. They had a pretty rough start to the season last week. But they’re in our division, so we know we can’t take them lightly.

When Sam Bradford is on, he can be a problem. He’s got one of the best in the business to throw to in Larry Fitzgerald. There is no way a guy like David Johnson has two bad weeks in a row. Those are guys we can’t take lightly.


We’ll be ready though.

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