Week Two Recap; Alpha Dogs

Week Two Recap; Alpha Dogs

After I joined the Rams during the offseason, I remember hearing a few people question all the moves the front office was making. They wondered if they were doing too much by setting up expectations to be sky high.

You put a bunch of alpha dogs on one defense like that, man, it’s either going to be good, or it’s going to be bad. I know it’s early in the season and all, but I think we can say that everything is working out.

After shutting out the Cardinals, we’ve given up just 13 points this season and none over the last six quarters. Someone told me after the game that the Cardinals didn’t even cross midfield until the final play of the game.

What’s scary, though, isn’t how we’ve been playing but the fact that we believe we’ve barely scratched the surface. We feel like we can be even better—and that’s going to be what’s important for us going forward.

Yes, we’ve played really well as a team. But the season has just begun. Being 2-0 is great and all, but there’s a lot of football left. To get to the Super Bowl, we’re going to have to keep our heads on straight, work hard and keep doing what we do.

We got the Battle of LA coming up with the Chargers and best believe we’ll be ready.

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