Weight Room Work

Weight Room Work

A few weeks ago I had the chance to workout with my trainer and good friend Vinny Scollo back in Nedrow, NY. This was one of the last training sessions before camp starts so I knew Vinny had something special planned for me and he didn’t disappoint. This particular day we worked on upper body explosive exercises.


I’ve worked with Vinny for many years and really enjoy his training style, since every workout has a purpose and a clear objective that translates onto the field. For example the push ups onto the mats, the grip work, walking with the kettlebell, bench press, dumbbell work. All are activities that translate onto the field in the form of striking and blocking the defenders. It helps to visualize the plays and situations on the field when going through the drills. I try to get a mental workout along with a physical one.


Whenever you can do some things in the weight room that correlates to the field, there is an obvious benefit.  Working with Vinny he understands that, he is always looking to create meaningful workout plans and that is why I continue to comeback. The regular season will be here soon and our goal is to be playing in February. We feel like we control our own destiny, but nothing happens without work. Now it’s time to show everyone what that work looks like.

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