Welcome to My Platform

Welcome to My Platform

Welcome to my Officialize platform! Whether you’re a fan or just stopping by, I appreciate the support and I’m looking forward to repaying that support with some giveaways, gear and a lot more.

I really wanted to get this platform so that people can know what’s going on in my life, on and off the field. It’s really important for athletes to connect to their fan base and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll definitely be looking for different ways to keep everyone engaged.

I’m really passionate about helping my community, and on top of that, helping my community with healthy eating. That’s a topic I will for sure get into on this platform. As a public figure, I know it’s important for me to speak up. That’s another reason this platform will help. I’ll speak up on any topics that are important to me, or in the world.

Thanks for reading and supporting me in my career. I’m going to do some big things here so make sure you stick around! Also, please subscribe to my newsletter in order to keep up with everything I’ll be doing.

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