Welcome to My Platform

Welcome to My Platform

Hey everyone! Welcome to my platform! I hope you take time to look around and see all that I have put here for you guys. As you look around you’ll see tabs for the latest news on my career, a store to get some swag and a blog where I can share with you fans what I’m doing and what my life is like in the NFL.


I’ve dreamed of being a NFL player for a very long time. I started playing football at the age of 9 and I knew then that I wanted to play professional football. Ever since that point, I have worked hard to get to where I am today. At every stop along the way - middle school, high school, THE Ohio State and here in Denver - everything that I have done has been aimed at accomplishing my dream.


My hope is that through this platform young people will be encouraged to chase their dreams too. No matter what your goals are - playing a sport, graduating college, getting a great job - you can accomplish your dreams as long as you set your mind to it and you’re willing to work for it.


I hope my story can encourage you to pursue your dreams and I can’t wait to share the next chapters of my story with all of you fans! Thanks for all your love and support!!

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