What I Think Of 'James’ Garoppolo

What I Think Of 'James’ Garoppolo

I wasn’t lying when I said I wouldn’t have signed with the team if I didn’t believe in James. A team needs a good quarterback to win games, and he’s great.

I did my homework on him. I watched film; watched how he moved down the stretch, how poised he was. I had conversations with his teammates, with the head coach—I covered all the bases.

But just by seeing his demeanor and seeing how he interacts with his teammates, I know I made a fantastic decision. I’m excited to see him play and continue to grow.

I’ve been asked a lot for my opinion on James—he’s great, man. He’s fun. There’s other James and James but that’s a story for a different day. I don’t know if he enjoys being called James or not. But there’s James, James, and James.

He’s been phenomenal around the team. He’s just another one of the guys. He carries himself well and executes the offense. His mind works really fast, which is cool to see. He’s very deliberate in his reads, and he doesn’t force it if he doesn’t have to.

You can see a lot of the things that he learned from Tom Brady, just going through his progression, going through them quick, going through the triangle, his reads from left to right, taking what the defense gives, not forcing the big play.

Some quarterbacks get impatient – ‘Man, I’m not getting the deep ball, I’m not getting a big play’ – and they force it and it’s a mistake. A lot of times he doesn’t make that same mistake.

His release is pretty quick. It’s not A-Rod quick but it’s definitely quicker than most quarterbacks and it can’t really affect how you play but you just need to read him ‘hand off ball.’ You know he’s letting it go and you have to be decisive when you make a decision. If he takes his hand off the ball and doesn’t throw it, I think he will throw guys off but the way he takes his hand off the ball you have to be ready to break.

I’ve had a great pleasure watching him and look forward to try and take it from him a few times.

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