What I Want People To Know About Me

What I Want People To Know About Me

My whole life has been a struggle to get people to see me. Most people see the missing hand and almost immediately start making assumptions about who I am, what I can do, and what I can’t do.


It is easy for me to prove what I can do. But it is a lot harder to get people to know who I am as a person.


I would love it if people knew how creative I can be. When I get time, I really enjoy building and fixing small projects. I also love to travel and would really like to go to Dubai someday. People might be surprised to find out how much I hate the dark. I’m not afraid of the dark. I just don’t like it.


Since I hate the dark, this may be kind of surprising—but going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. I also like to bowl, ride go-karts, play laser tag, paintballing, and riding jet skis.  When it comes to sports, of course I have to say the Seattle Seahawks are my favorite football team to watch. As for the NBA—gotta go with the Lakers.


I really enjoy watching the Tampa Bay Lightning, too.


Like my brother, I count Ray Lewis as a big inspiration and love listening to Bob Marley. Former MLB pitcher Jim Abbott is a pretty big inspiration, too.


I’ve been pretty vocal about this, so it is probably not too surprising that I want to make use of the platform I’ll have as an NFL player to keep influencing, motivating and encourage our youth and anyone in need. I hope my voice resonates and makes a difference that will impact their future for years to come.


When my time in the NFL is done, I hope to keep influencing, motivating, and encouraging people as a motivational speaker, community leader, and youth coach.


To be successful at those things, it helps if people feel like they can believe in you. That’s why I’m sharing my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations through this platform. I want people to get to know me so they can feel like they believe in me.

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