What If I Played With Dez?

What If I Played With Dez?

During my time with the Seahawks, I didn’t switch sides very often. I covered whoever lined up on my side whether it was the team’s No. 1 receiver or someone else. But every so often, I would shadow the other team’s top receiver—but only if it was someone special like Dez Bryant was for the Cowboys.

He’s a great receiver and you didn’t want to give him the matchup they desired, so you switch things up on him. You certainly didn’t want to put a young guy on someone like Dez. So when we’d play him, we’d have to do things like that.

We couldn’t make it easy on him.

Dez is a beast, man. I have a ton of respect for that guy; mutual respect, I like to think. Every play he makes you work. Give him an inch and he’ll figure out how to take a mile. That’s what the great ones do.

Any time me and him played against each other— it was a total battle on every play. Sometimes I was able to get my hands on a couple. Other times, he was able to get his hands on a couple. That's how those battles go.

But as long as my team walked away with a win-- that's all that matters in the end.

When I heard he was interested in coming San Francisco, I was excited. I would love to be teammates with Dez. I think that he could be a touchdown machine here and could be good for the locker room as well.

He’s a competitor and competitors do what it takes to win games—and I want to win games.

If the team doesn’t go after him, that’s fine, too. We have a lot of talented young guys here already. But if we did pick Dez up, I’d be the first to welcome him to the team.

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