Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Man I can remember playing football in the parking lot back in the summer....the projects were always full of kids playing. I swear, there was always something to do, good or bad. My cousins and I would play football and basketball for hours and my older sister Jazelle always tried to be a part of the crew. I would often tell her that she couldn’t play with us, but she always insisted. Jazelle was always very strong willed and very athletic so it was hard to keep her from playing. 


This particular day, my cousin, who was playing QB, threw a pass in the air. Jazelle and I went up to catch it at the same time, and before you knew it, she was screaming her head off. Jazelle came crashing into my head full speed and she came down with a hand full of her teeth and a mouth full of blood. My mom had to take her to the ER and Jazelle had to have several of her teeth fixed. She said I was running around crying because I didn’t want to go to the hospital but lol I can’t remember that. 


Jazelle is older than me, her birthday is March 30, and mine is April 2, and my younger brother Marquel’s is April 10. Given the proximity of our birthdays, my mom always had a party for Jazelle and me on the same day. Jazelle was the one I always went to when I needed to talk, even when we were kids. To this day, I call her my birthday twin. Just this year Jazelle and I shared cake and ice cream just like we did in those same Westview Terracce projects that we played ball in. My mom called all of us the Fab5! 


Just a few days ago I had to get my twin a new car! She works so hard and she always did the “running” my mom couldn’t do for me, my brothers and sister. Jazelle thank you for always being the voice of reason that we need in this family. I know this was an emotional thing for you, getting the car and all, but be patient this is only the beginning. I love you! OHHH and P.S sorry about your teeth that day but I believe I caught that pass lol.

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