Year ✌🏾

Year ✌🏾

Man, what a season we had! A lot of people wrote us off pretty early, some even before the season started. People questioned our defense and doubted our offense. When we started off the season 0-2 the critics only got louder. But the 12s never wavered! We stuck together as a unit, trusted in one another and never panicked. We ended with 10 wins and making the playoffs. While we didn’t accomplish our goal of winning the Super Bowl, the future is bright. Just look how young and hungry this team is!

Personally, I was grateful to be part of such an exciting, young secondary and together we are just getting started. This offseason, I’ll be living in the film room studying my technique as well as the weight room getting faster and stronger. If you’re not getting better, you’re staying the same and we have bigger goals to achieve.

I want to thank the 12s for another amazing year, for embracing and supporting us all season. I have been so blessed to be drafted by the organization with the best fan base in the NFL! I promise you, we will be back in 2019 ready to accomplish even more. Let’s get it! Make sure you stay tuned to my platform for some special events we have planned for this offseason when I’m not working hard and getting ready for next season! #GoHawks

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