Year 5

Year 5

I just finished my fifth year in the league and I must say it was much different than any of the first four. The biggest change was moving on from the Bengals organization. Not only was I not in Cincinnati but I was with two different teams on opposite sides of the country.

This year didn’t necessarily go as expected. That’s just how it goes in this game sometimes and I definitely feel blessed to be where I’m at. My time in Oakland was great. Learning from Coach Gruden and Derek will only help me in my future. That’s a lot of knowledge that I was around every single day.

I’m excited to be back next season and be a part of turning the Raiders around. We have a lot of talent so a few good picks and signings can definitely shift this team into a playoff contender.

This season was special though because me and my wife, Katherine, were able to welcome our son, Cash. Now Tripp can have someone to play with.

I want to thank you all for your support this season and throughout my career. Make sure to keep checking back as I plan to stay active during the offseason.

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